How to Appy for UK Student Visa

5 Simple Steps to Apply for UK Student Visa-Study in UK

On the off chance that you are wishing or intending to study in the United Kingdom, there is a need to know how you ought to approach that. Studying in UK colleges, either through scholarships or self-financing is the fantasy of numerous students from the developing nations and even the developed world. The United Kingdom doesn’t just claim a portion of the world’s top positioning colleges yet, in addition, is known for her priority interest in education and development.

Before you can move to the UK to live and study we as a whole realize that you will require the Student Visa. The student visa in the UK Visa arrangement is known as the ‘Tier 4 Visa’, granted to students and substantial for a period covering the span of their study program. Granted in two classes, the tier 4 student visa has the general classification which are for grown-up 16 years or more and the youngster class for a year 4 to 15 years of age.

Before we bounce into the means you have to apply for the tier 4 student visa, it is significant first you know the prerequisites for getting this visa, much the same as some other global visa programs.

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UK Student Visa Requirement

These prerequisites (underneath) are only some outline of what you have to introduce while applying for the UK (tier 4) visa;

Visa Application Form: you will be required to present a finished student visa application form.

Course Acceptance Letter: It is necessitated that the organization/training provider you have applied to gives you an acknowledgment/admission letter and a visa letter (normally, an official and unequivocal proposals of a spot on a course of study). Visa letters are typically legitimate for about a period a half year after which you can no longer utilize it for visa application.

Evidence of assets: One other significant prerequisite is proof of savings that can cover at any rate your course charges for the first year of study and everyday living costs for up to a limit of nine months. The sum is reliant on your level of study and the classification of the tier 4 visa. The statement ought to demonstrate that you have been in control of the cash for at least 28 days.

Visa Fee Payment: As of now the sum to be paid for the Tier 4 General Visa is £348 (this sum may change). The endorsed method for payment can be on the web (with Visa and MasterCard) or through Cash or draft at the visa application points and some chosen branches of Standard Chartered Bank. Proof of payment must be submitted alongside your application.

Past Degree Certificates/Score sheets/English Language Test Score: You will likewise be required to introduce your scholastic certs and English Language test score as a demonstration of familiarity with the English language.

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Steps to Apply for UK Student Visa

It may be quite stressing on the most proficient method to apply for UK Student Visa. However, through these 5 straightforward steps, you ought to be a glad holder of the tier 4 visa.

Stage 1:

The absolute initial step is to check your eligibility for the visa program. That will involve you affirming you have been offered a spot to study in any UK organizations and furthermore that you have enough cash that in your bank statement as expressed (previously). As a guide, you have to know the course cost of your picked program/foundation and living expense in the UK

Stage 2:

Set up all your required documents/certificates and prepare them.

Stage 3:

At this stage, after you are certain every one of your documents is prepared, you have to Apply Online. You should realize that application for UK student visa is totally on the web. Simply after you have applied online before you can be booked for an interview. You should print and sign the finished application form. You also need to use the online scheduler to book for an appointment at the visa center.

Stage 4:

Now you have to pay the visa application expense which you can do through any of the strategies expressed in advance of hand. Payment in real money and draft ought to be made for ‘The British High Commission’.

Stage 5:

The last stage of the entire application process is that you will visit the visa application center (British High Commission in your nation/UK Embassy/Consulates) to present the printed online application form, photos, documents, and fingerprints.

Note Also: Apart from studying, Tier 4 General visa permits you to work for as long as 20 hours of the week while in school and work all day during vacations or summer occasions.

Proceed to the official website of British High Commission to get country-specific visa information. Select your country to obtain all information you may need.

We trust you will have a simple time applying for your student visa. In the event that you have passed this stage, you can express your experience in the comment box below to help others.


  1. This is great info! One of my friends has a son who was just accepted to grad school in London so no doubt they’re going to find this post useful.

  2. Now this is the real story. I remember I tried applying for Spanish Scholarship from my place and i went through this same requirements and process you did.

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