10 Best Students-Teachers Chrome Extensions

10 Best Students and Teachers Chrome Extensions

Most students and teachers prefer using Google chrome because of how easy it is to customize it with browser extensions. Below are some helpful Chrome Extensions for Students and teachers.

Google Dictionary Extension: Sometimes content area classroom articles can be challenging, especially when students encounter unfamiliar words. Although they can open a new tab and search for these words, this extension provides a very simple option that does not interfere with the student’s workflow. The student can double-click on any word in the text to see the double pop-up window with the definition and they will hear the pronunciation of the word.

The student can also start a full Google search for the word from the pop-up – looking at the word in different contexts will increase their awareness.

Grammarly Chrome Extension: Most students use the free version of this popular grammar check every year. When they type anywhere in Chrome, a small, green icon appears and the extension begins to check the grammar and spelling of their work. If there is an error, it is underlined in red and students can see and correct the type error.

Dualless Extension: Dualless is a productivity extension that is a favorite to many students. This allows the user to split their screen so that they can work in two tabs simultaneously. For example, if a student wants to see a video review of the lesson, they can open it and take a look at the tab while taking notes in Google Docs

Dualless is easy to use, and students can determine the relative size of the two sides – they are not stuck with a 50-50 split. They have the option to split the screen horizontally or vertically.

Voicein Voice Typing Extension: Most students are fans of voice typing, and this is our go-to support extension. It works anywhere in Chrome. Students place their cursor where they wish to start typing, activate the extension, and start talking. When they finish talking, the extension writes the text in the cursor area. Students can set punctuation or add later. The extension works in over 120 languages.

Auto Highlight Extension: Auto Highlight is a great extension for students who need some support with reading. When activated, the extension searches through text and highlights one or two important sentences. The student can use the extension two extra times on the webpage, but only one or two sentences are added each time. This restriction instructs students to think about how to use the tool intelligently – they cannot extract every sentence.

This tool is beneficial for long-term, content-specific lessons – not all students use it, but it has helped some to improve their focus and understanding.

Noisely Extension: Most students enjoy listening to music while working, but for some people it is distracting. The extension is perfect for those students. They can experiment by listening to the rain, the forest setting, or the sounds surrounding the cafe. Students can combine multiple sounds on the same track and they can set up specific combinations for various independent activities.

AlphaText Extension: All in One Accessibility Extension, AlphaText offers students a variety of options to customize their browser. They can adjust the text color, font size and font type along with the background color of their screen. Some students favorite tool in this extension is the ability to adjust the line spacing, switching from single to 1.5 or double line spacing, making the article easy to read.

Mercury Reader Extension: Mercury Reader, formerly known as Readability, enables students to hide distracting features in online articles – it eliminates ads and comments

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